‘Model kit’ iconography

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For a global organisation, I was commissioned to assist with a number of graphic elements for a presentation and a series of electronic documents. Together the documents comprised a model, that could be amended to suit local needs.

In order to illustrate this, I designed a ‘model kit’ comprised of icons, that each represented different elements of the model. Each document had the icon as a clear visual marker back to the model.


The final part of the assignment was formatting and aligning the various documents to present a uniform appearance of the entire model.

LEGO blast from the past


The picture below is from one of my favourite campaigns I worked on while at LEGO Company in Billund.

The first Harry Potter movie was just out, and LEGO and Warner Bros. wanted a showstopper micro show display to put in toy- and department stores.

The display shows Harry’s journey to Hogwarts and was made entirely from LEGO bricks (why I loved this assignment).

LEGO x Harry Potter

LEGO x Harry Potter