Update of De Molen Farm website

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It’s been quite a while since the De Molen website went live, and it was high time for a contemporary update, not least of the sites mobile capabilities. The site is designed in Mobirise, and excepting a few teething problems, I have found it to be a great and reliable tool (just don’t forget to make safety backups of your sites/work every once in a while – sound advice generally I guess).

I have stuck to the formula of keeping the De Molen site unfussy, simple and informative. The addition of a request form in place of the previous email link, has worked particularly well, and i hope the website will generate more visitors to this spectacular corner of the world.

Check it out here: demolenfarm.co.za

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‘Model kit’ iconography

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For a global organisation, I was commissioned to assist with a number of graphic elements for a presentation and a series of electronic documents. Together the documents comprised a model, that could be amended to suit local needs.

In order to illustrate this, I designed a ‘model kit’ comprised of icons, that each represented different elements of the model. Each document had the icon as a clear visual marker back to the model.


The final part of the assignment was formatting and aligning the various documents to present a uniform appearance of the entire model.


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Creative viral campaign for fictive client. The viral campaign also included flash animated web banners and posters with QR codes strategically placed on campus. Even though the campaign was part of a university project, it got lots of hits and surpassed my most optimistic expectations – I was even contacted by local media enquiring about the (made up) facts mentioned, and whether they could do a story on the poor suffering students – based on this I will deem the campaign a success!

The video (Danish w/ English subtitles) can be viewed below


Danish, English, Interactive

Animated video

Respekt! is a concept based around sustainability and the reduction of food waste created as part of my studies and to a brief by a leading Danish supermarket chain. The concept consists of various printed advertising materials and a video explaining the concept (Danish only). I animated the video in Flash using sketches on cardboard to achieve a rustic look – communicating that this is still the development/concept phase of the project. Based on the campaign and research an academic report was submitted.

On kvickly2013.wordpress.com both video and some of the suggestions for printed material are available to view (opens in new window).