Update of De Molen Farm website

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It’s been quite a while since the De Molen website went live, and it was high time for a contemporary update, not least of the sites mobile capabilities. The site is designed in Mobirise, and excepting a few teething problems, I have found it to be a great and reliable tool (just don’t forget to make safety backups of your sites/work every once in a while – sound advice generally I guess).

I have stuck to the formula of keeping the De Molen site unfussy, simple and informative. The addition of a request form in place of the previous email link, has worked particularly well, and i hope the website will generate more visitors to this spectacular corner of the world.

Check it out here: demolenfarm.co.za

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Brewing up a storm

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3 Ganders

Together with two friends I have spend the last year perfecting home brewing – it’s been a road filled with lots of tasty brews (and a few set-backs). Though this is a fun hobby project, I have played around with developing a visual style for our micro-micro-brewery. This is still a work in progress, but I have attached some early sketches and thoughts below.

PS. The 3 Ganders name comes from the alley we brew next to and the number of budding brewers involved.





‘Model kit’ iconography

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For a global organisation, I was commissioned to assist with a number of graphic elements for a presentation and a series of electronic documents. Together the documents comprised a model, that could be amended to suit local needs.

In order to illustrate this, I designed a ‘model kit’ comprised of icons, that each represented different elements of the model. Each document had the icon as a clear visual marker back to the model.


The final part of the assignment was formatting and aligning the various documents to present a uniform appearance of the entire model.

Summer hand-out



In co-operation with a graphic designer, created and distributed 33.000 postcards containing vintage style baggage labels. The labels where die-cut, and could be attached to bags using an elastic band or a piece of string.


The imagery and feel of the hand-outs were re-used in a number of Facebook ads targeting specific groups with an interest in travel.