Update of De Molen Farm website

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It’s been quite a while since the De Molen website went live, and it was high time for a contemporary update, not least of the sites mobile capabilities. The site is designed in Mobirise, and excepting a few teething problems, I have found it to be a great and reliable tool (just don’t forget to make safety backups of your sites/work every once in a while – sound advice generally I guess).

I have stuck to the formula of keeping the De Molen site unfussy, simple and informative. The addition of a request form in place of the previous email link, has worked particularly well, and i hope the website will generate more visitors to this spectacular corner of the world.

Check it out here: demolenfarm.co.za

Screen Shot 2018-07-02 at 13.50.14

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Brewing up a storm

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3 Ganders

Together with two friends I have spend the last year perfecting home brewing – it’s been a road filled with lots of tasty brews (and a few set-backs). Though this is a fun hobby project, I have played around with developing a visual style for our micro-micro-brewery. This is still a work in progress, but I have attached some early sketches and thoughts below.

PS. The 3 Ganders name comes from the alley we brew next to and the number of budding brewers involved.





Summer hand-out



In co-operation with a graphic designer, created and distributed 33.000 postcards containing vintage style baggage labels. The labels where die-cut, and could be attached to bags using an elastic band or a piece of string.


The imagery and feel of the hand-outs were re-used in a number of Facebook ads targeting specific groups with an interest in travel.


LEGO blast from the past


The picture below is from one of my favourite campaigns I worked on while at LEGO Company in Billund.

The first Harry Potter movie was just out, and LEGO and Warner Bros. wanted a showstopper micro show display to put in toy- and department stores.

The display shows Harry’s journey to Hogwarts and was made entirely from LEGO bricks (why I loved this assignment).

LEGO x Harry Potter

LEGO x Harry Potter

Report cover for Danish Board of Technology

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The brief was to develop a simple new cover for the Danish Board of Technology whilst maintaining all the existing elements. In the illustration you can see the process from original through several iterations, and finally the submitted design proposal. I found it important to play with the meaning of ‘World Wide Views’ and combine this with the topic of climate and energy, while staying close to the original (somewhat generic) logo for the project.

Screen Shot 2015-05-25 at 12.57.17